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Hard to say. Every session is different. I can assure you, however, you will have more images than you will know what to do with! I will never withhold a meaningful photo, but you will need to trust that the images I return to you will be the best representations of you from our unique slice of time together. 

How many images will I get back?

I send all images through an online gallery where you can download high-resolution images to your phone or computer as well as have prints shipped straight to your door. 

How do I get my images?

The goal is to return sessions within three weeks and weddings within ten weeks. Turn around time varies, however, with workload and the season of life. I will never sacrifice quality for a quick return.

What's your turn around time?

I got you. Don’t even worry. I have created a style guide for every occasion and type of session! I ALWAYS recommend solid colors + earth tones + denims + textures. Earth tones look good in any location and will make your images timeless. Solid colors help the pics to stay clean and always have the focus on the subjects rather than their clothes. 

What do I wear?

This part is easy. Just tell me what you love. If you have a specific place in mind, tell me, and we’ll make it happen. But if you don’t, I’ll find one that is you. Making a pinterest board or screen shotting ideas of inspo to share with me can also be a big help to get us on the same page about what you like! 

How do we pick a location?

Start by filling out the contact form. Dates disappear quickly! To claim yours, a deposit must be paid. I will send you an online invoice where all payments can be made securely. Then we’re off and running!

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How do I book you?

Loaded question…and the answer is: it depends! The purest light is around sunrise and sunset, so typically I will suggest one of those times. Light can literally make or break a photo. Since the sun is ever changing, my best advice is to stay flexible.

What time will we be shooting?

I PROMISE YOU I’LL GUIDE YOU!! I will talk you through everything I want you to do and where all your limbs should be.  

What do I do with my hands?

When I photograph you, I am documenting your current season of life. I will erase temporary blemishes and some flyaway hairs, but I will not distort your true body shape or skin tone. I will also not edit out things like watches, jewelry, or take any other extreme measures on your photos. I want your gallery to truly reflect where you are and what you look like at the time we document them. If you have extreme measures that you would like to have taken out of images, let me know before the session starts and I am sure we can make them exactly like you were hoping for.

Can you photoshop us?

Negative boss. But thanks for asking.

Do you offer discounts?

I shoot love and happiness and hope and anticipation. I shoot everything from milestones to the most ordinary of days and everything in between. I don’t shoot events other than weddings, and I’m not taking on any more families unless I have worked with you in the past.

What do you shoot?

Nah. I don’t release raw images. Editing is my expertise. Trust me, you want me to do what I do.

Can I have the raw images?


best friends?!

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