Downtown OKC Engagements on Digital + Film

February 11, 2024

As a photographer, I have had the incredible opportunity to work with both digital and film formats, each with its own unique characteristics and charms. When photographing Macie and Trevin’s downtown OKC engagements on digital and film, it confirmed that I love them both equally, which is why I offer both!

When it comes to digital photography, one of the most significant benefits is the instant gratification it provides. With a digital camera, I can see the results of a shot immediately, allowing me to make adjustments on the spot and capture the perfect image. Additionally, digital images are easy to manipulate and edit, offering photographers a wide range of creative possibilities. Whether it’s adjusting exposure, enhancing colors, or cropping, the possibilities are endless with digital photography.

On the other hand, film photography has a timeless and nostalgic quality that cannot be replicated. There is a certain depth and richness to film images that evokes a sense of nostalgia and authenticity. The process of shooting on film requires patience and intentionality. Every frame counts, as there are limited exposures on a roll of film. This encourages photographers to be more deliberate in their composition, resulting in carefully crafted images. The unpredictability of film also adds a layer of excitement and anticipation. It is always a joy to receive developed film and see how the images have turned out, as there is an element of surprise and mystery associated with the process.

Both digital and film formats have their place in the world of photography, and as a photographer, I cherish the opportunities to work with both. Digital photography offers convenience, instant results, and creative flexibility, while film photography offers a sense of tradition, nostalgia, and the joy of anticipation. Ultimately, the choice between digital and film depends on the vision of the photographer and the desired outcome of the project. Regardless of the format, the most important thing is capturing and preserving moments, emotions, and stories through the art of photography.

Check out Macie and Trevin’s downtown OKC engagement photos on digital and film, and get in touch if you want both for your engagement session or wedding!