Elegant Key Largo Beach Wedding

May 12, 2023

Love has a beautiful way of bringing people from different corners of the world together. In this heartwarming tale, a North Carolina couple embarked on a journey to Key Largo, Florida to celebrate their elegant wedding weekend. Seeking the perfect photographer to capture their special moments, they found a kindred spirit in your favorite Oklahoma girl (that’s me!) Over the course of three days, the couple indulged in joyous parties with their closest family and friends, culminating in a breathtaking wedding day by the water. In this blog post, we dive into the magical moments of their wedding day, starting with the light tones and elegant attire and concluding with sandy toes and dancing under the stars for their Key Largo Beach Wedding.

The wedding day began with an air of anticipation as the couple prepared to exchange vows in a setting adorned with light tones and delicate details. The elegant attire worn by the bride and groom perfectly complemented their sophisticated vision.As the couple stood before their loved ones, the words of love and commitment echoed throughout the serene venue, filling the air with a sense of profound joy and unity.

Documenting this memorable day required a keen eye and a deep understanding of the couple’s vision. I loved capturing the essence of the celebration, freezing fleeting moments of love, laughter, and tenderness in a series of timeless photographs. Each frame is a visual masterpiece, capturing the intricate details of the floral arrangements, the expressions of pure happiness on the faces of the couple and their guests, and the natural beauty surrounding the picturesque Key Largo locale.

As the day progressed, the atmosphere transformed from elegance to playfulness, as the couple and their guests embraced the laid-back beach vibes. The sandy shores of Key Largo became the backdrop for impromptu games, heartfelt toasts, and carefree laughter. With sandy toes and windswept hair, the couple and their loved ones enjoyed a blissful afternoon, creating unforgettable memories against the sunset on the stunning horizon.

As dusk settled, the transition from day to night brought about a new kind of magic. The festive spirit intensified as the couple and their guests gathered under the starry sky, ready to dance the night away. The warm glow of twinkling fairy lights and the rhythmic beats of music created an enchanting ambiance. The couple shared their first dance as husband and wife, surrounded by the love and support of their cherished friends and family. It was a moment of pure bliss, etched forever in the hearts of all who witnessed it.

The elegant wedding weekend of this North Carolina couple in Key Largo, Florida was a true celebration of love, togetherness, and joy. From the light tones and elegant attire at the beginning of the day to the playful beach festivities and the magical night of dancing under the stars, every moment was breathtaking. My heart is always at the beach, and I would love to capture more wedding weekends like this.

Photography: Chandler Rae Photo

Venue: Playa Largo Resort

Planning: Destination Wedding Studio

Veil: Sara Gabriel

Hair + Makeup: Bellelite

Florals: Marathon Florist

Rentals: Ocean Breeze Party Rentals