Arkansas Wedding | Mr. + Mrs. Premenko

October 15, 2021

I have shot a lot of weddings in my short 4 year career, but Emily + Derek’s day stands out to me amongst all the rest.


I first met these two at a lake in Edmond about 2 months before their wedding. I immediately feel in love with documenting them. They didn’t care what they looked like (and if they did, their confidence and obsession for the other over shadowed it), they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, and when you saw them look into each others eyes, you could literally feel their spark. They were full of intention and completely in love with each other. That’s how their wedding day was too. Except now you could tell that they didn’t just love each other, but had an entire crew of people they loved and cherished surrounding them too.


Every conversation they had — intentional.

Every person they thanked for being there — real.

Their soft spoken vows — unforgettable.

I think thats why I loved this day so much. It wasn’t about getting the perfect picture or having the decor extravagant and perfect… It was about love. Love for each other + love for God + love for those that have touched their lives.

That is exactly how a wedding day should be.

I loved this day so much. Emily + Derek, thank you for letting me in and to capture the real and raw love you guys give out.