Maternity at the Great Salt Plains

March 31, 2021

Racheal and I dreamed up a very whimsical vision for this session — Open spaces, soft sunset, creamy colors, and a couple different outfits… Only we get there to find out it had snowed 2 hours prior, the windchill was now in the negatives, and the actual gates to get out onto the Plains was locked.

Now I wont tell you how we got these images for legal reasons :).. But I will tell you that Racheal was a trooper. Barefoot, standing on ice, negative windchill smacking her in the face, 8 months pregnant, and she still looked like perfection.

This was my third time getting to document Racheal + Jordan; first was their engagements, next was their wedding, and now its their maternity sesh. I love that my job creates relationships. Relationships that last longer than just the hours we spend together shooting, but ones that have me document their life’s moments for years to follow.

Forever grateful for this long drive together + short 10 minutes of standing in the freezing cold. These images may be some of my favorite to date, and I am so glad it was you two in front of my lens.