Boho BFFS – 2020 giveaway

February 23, 2021

Giveaways on social media are becoming the new norm. Businesses everywhere are posting creative ideas + partnering with local vendors to spread the word about their business and ultimately “giveaway” their talents, goods, and efforts in exchange for exposure! Most of the giveaways you see have rules to enter: most commonly, sharing the post on your story and tagging multiple friends in the comments. This spreads the word like wildfire and ultimately gets your name in front of new potential clients!

Every year, I do a giveaway as well. I personally have noticed the increase in followers + exposure from doing this, so I always think it’s a good business decision. This past year I offered a creative giveaway to get out of the “norm” and just do something fun! My vision started as a trend I saw on Tiktok (yes I know, Tiktok… just look, I promise it turned out cool), and it turned into one of my favorite shoots yet!

These trendy girls put on their favorite denims + neutrals, grabbed some of their favorite flowers, and the rest is history.

This shoot will always be a stunner — I am SO thrilled with the outcome!!