The Proposal Of Dreams

July 11, 2020

Luis + Livi’s proposal was one of the prettiest, most thought out proposals I have ever gotten to be a part of. Getting down on one knee and asking the love of your life to marry you can be overwhelming for some, but not for Luis.. he had it all covered. He rented out the rooftop of Packards, in Downtown OKC and had Lorec Ranch help decorate. Luis and Livi always go out to dinner the night before their birthdays so they can celebrate just the two of them. So, in normal fashion, Luis asked Livi to eat at packards for his birthday spot this year. After their meal, the manager asked if they wanted to see their rooftop since they had never been up there before. As soon a they turned the corner the greatest proposal ever unfolded.

Livi was shocked to say the least.

After the proposal we headed to a nearby parking garage to take some engagement style pictures while Luis’s other surprise was coming together. After we finished up, we headed back up to the balcony for “champagne”, and Livi was once again blown away. All of their friends + families gathered with food + drinks + love to celebrate with the newly engaged couple.

This was one of the best nights ever.