Beka | University Of Oklahoma Senior

May 22, 2020

The University of Oklahoma is one of my favorite places to shoot at in Norman. Its grounds are always neat and colorful, and it always always comes through with the best lighting. I love pairing campus with a parking garage near by to get different aesthetics — and Beka KILLED both spots.

I asked Beka to share her feelings about the shoot so you all could read what it is like to be on the other side of my camera– Here is what she said:

“I had been dreaming of graduation day for so long to celebrate all the hard work I put in over the last 5 years. With everything going on, and my senior year ending the way it did, I was a little discouraged and felt that the celebration couldn’t be the same as I always dreamed. Chandler couldn’t have made my session more perfect. She made sure I felt celebrated and proud to show off my accomplishments — I feel like you can see the pure joy on my face in these pictures! I wanted to do something fun that related to my degree, and she took my ideas and ran with them which made the final products amazing. She made the shoot fun and comfortable and I felt confident in every shot. I am so glad I chose her do document this bittersweet moment and now I have something to look back on to commemorate such a special time in my life!”


These graduation pictures might just be some of my favorite work on OU’s Campus. Beka truly trusted my prompts and really just had fun with it. We didn’t do anything too elaborate and I didn’t pose her in crazy unorthodox ways.. I may have said a few jokes and hyped her up to get her to smile, but dang, smiles are really the best aren’t they? We had so much fun and I am so glad I get to document such precious milestones for people <3