Jordan | Seaside, Florida

May 13, 2020

This past spring break I got to travel to Seaside, Florida with my ”second family” for the second time in my life. If you haven’t ever been to Seaside, you should go. The atmosphere is fun, the food is amazing, and the white sand beaches are second to none.

Jordan is a Norman North Senior who wanted her senior pictures to be different than everyone else’s back in Oklahoma.

SO DUH. Shooting here was a NO BRAINER!

We started at the Seaside Chapel and ended up on the beach for the sunset. Shooting at the beach is always one of my favorite things to do because I love the colors. Pinks and whites and tans and grays all meshing together to create a milky, dreamy backdrop. Jordans white dress, blonde hair, and blue eyes, was just icing on the cake.

These pictures turned out so dreamy. I had her twirling her dress and walking up and down the sand and letting the wind blow her hair naturally and it could not have been better. I never tried to forced Jordan to do extravagant poses or stand a certain way — I just had her move like normal and take it all in. So to my fellow photogs out there, less is always more. And Simplicity beats unnatural forced movements Every. Single. Time.

Seaside, Florida, You Are Always A Dream.

Who wants to bring me back there for another session?