Steven + Dori | Rustic Rose

March 5, 2020

It’s a sign you picked a good wedding venue when you decide you want to take your engagement pictures there too — these two will tie the knot at Rustic Rose Barn in Guthrie, OK, this coming May and I could not be more thrilled to document it.

Because we got to run around the grounds together before their big day, they now have more knowledge about lighting and surrounding areas around their venue that they might not have gained otherwise. Having this knowledge before your wedding day always helps whoever is photographing the day so that when we want to pull you our of your reception for a few sunset portraits, you understand why!

We played with some dramatic lighting upstairs in the barn and then made our way all around the pond area out back. Dori says she loved how goofy and funny Steven was throughout their whole session because it made her laugh (like a lot, just see below), and Steven loved how giddy and excited Dori was because it made him feel special. The entire hour and a half we were shooting, it was ALL about these two and their relationship. That was their favorite part of it all — it made them so much more excited to get married and spend every day together.

My favorite part of this entire session, aside from how cute these two were, was the light. It was warm and soft and made everything glow. (See, lighting is HUGE!)

Their outfits were on point for the vibe the location had but above all, they were up for whatever I asked them to do. They trusted me and my vision + skill, and I truly believe their engagement pictures turned out as good as they did, because of that.

I <3 you two. And I cannot wait for May.